Special Gift On National Blogger Day

What's going on on this 27 October? Hmmm, apart from my beloved husband's payday plus my monthly money allowance, it turns out that it coincided with National Blogger Day and even then I knew when I saw the social media homepage that was bustling with posts saying things about blogging. Why can't I forget that, usually I'm a typical reminder about special moments such as birthdays of family or relatives and others, maybe the effect of too many thoughts so that one moment is missed from my mind.

I can't believe it's been 5 years since I've been in the world of blogging, although lately I haven't been very active in participating in offline blogger events because I'm busy teaching and I spend more time on weekdays where I clash with teaching activities. job writes from the existing campaign without having to attend the event, although many fail due to my DA/PA blog which is unexpected or not according to the client's request, that's where I sometimes feel sad. Soak sob Positive thinking will be replaced by more than the job offer that didn't pass earlier, after all this time being a blogger is more to fill free time during work holidays by writing on our beloved blog about daily activities and getting a writing job, it's a bonus from the hobby that we are engaged in .

A Special Gift

After school, when I got home I immediately cleaned up the house and then continued to work on the Merdeka Mengajar Platform (PMM) module, which was soon to be due, where the supervisor was already working hard to get it done right away. So far, I think that working on this module is easy and simple, the most important thing is that we just follow the technical instructions in the application.
When I was busy working on the PMM module on that topic, I suddenly got a dimention notification or was tagged by one of the community wags that I follow, because I was really working on it so I put it off to look at it. same information on wag until I was mentioned by one of the members. I looked at the wag that mentioned my wa contact and it turned out that the information was more than important, but the news was very happy for me and when I read it, believe it or not, I could get to that stage.

So guys, I mentioned a friend on wag for being one of the winners in a financial literacy-themed blog competition that I participated in some time ago organized by one of our state banks. Honestly, when I read the link to the winner, anyone still didn't really think that my name could be chosen as one of the winners where hundreds of participants from general categories participated. I've read the announcement link several times just to make sure that it's true and it's not just an illusion that I was chosen to be one of the winners and the prize is enough to add to buying a buffet at home that has already been blued. Hehe, thank God, God, on the 27th this time, I'm double happy apart from getting a monthly allowance from my hubby and then suddenly a windfall was chosen as the winner of the blog competition and a very special gift on National Blogger Day 2022.

Maybe this is called "nothing to lose" that is
Nothing to lose means "nothing to lose" which means when we do something, it will be done without expecting more and will not lose anything if we do it. (Wikipedia) From the start I took part in the competition, I never really expected to win more just to update posts on the blog so I don't get spiders because I am very self-aware that my writing still has many minuses, unlike the hit bloggers out there whose flight hours are already high . Thank God, this is the second time I won a blog, if the first time I took part in the Tupperware offline event at Pondok Indah, the prize was a Tupperware drinking place, which was good for property in the refrigerator. Hehe By winning the blog competition again, I add to my fortpolio in the blog world, even so I don't want to be too proud of this achievement, which is still relatively young in the blogging world, of course, with this victory, it becomes my own motivation so that in the future I can write blogs more consistently or istiqomah and more good again so that it can spread the benefits to others who read it. The spirit of Risma Happy National Blogger Day to bloggers wherever they are, hopefully they will continue to inspire in spreading the benefits by writing on their beloved blog... Aamiin YRA

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